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Fuel Supplies Oban - Gas, Oil, Wood, Coal, Peat

Firewood supplied to domestic and commercial customers as seasoned and unseasoned hardwood, soft woods or kindling.

Supplies kiln dried hardwood split logs, seasoned softwood split logs, kindling, briquettes, and wood pellets to the Argyll area.

Wide range of products and services including heating oil (kerosene), gas oil and diesel. Budget accounts, automatic top-ups and boiler maintenance.

Listing showing Oban's two coal suppliers. Phone numbers and map only, no more details available.

Wide range of combustible fuels with a comprehensive delivery service. Suppliers of firewood, wood briquettes, wood pellets, bottled gas, peat and coal.

Suppliers of virgin wood briquettes which burbn eight times more efficiently than logs, and also of top quality wood pellets.

The Oban depot Argyll from Tarbert to Fort William. Order heating oil online, take advantage of the budget payment and top-up schemes

Loal delivery of al sizes of gas cylinder. Gas appliances, welding consumables and BOC industrial and Air Liquide gases. Coal, Wood heating pellets and briquettes.

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